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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hello Kind Reader

You may have noted that I have been posting less than usual recently. Me too.

I intend to post more and better in the future. I note that a significant number of my intention have gone awry. I'm told that some have been completely forgotten.

For a time I may be posting even less. I have my reasons.

From early in my life I seem to have craved more novel people, places, and happenings than many of my contemporaries. As I've matured such cravings have become a bit more selective, but remain.
As I have moved well beyond retirement age I have made a comfortable retire place for myself..

However, I find myself, as a manner if speaking, going to sleep. I'm not as alert and aware of the life right around me as I would like to be. It seems that I need a more stimulation to be alive to my life and to live it abundantly.

Soo, I have decided to put myself in a environment in which I find the people, places, and doings novel. It may turn out to be one of my bigger mistakes, but these days I have begun to busy myself to that end.

Once I settle a bit, A BIT, in a new and novel place, I intend to post on that which I guess may interest you and which I also find of some interest. When you comment on the nature of your interests in 'comments' below guess to better effect.

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