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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nine Nations: Dixie

Nine Nations review continued:

Are you "goin' to Jackson?" Do you know where Jackson is?

If the people of the Ozarks felt antipathy to the Confederacy, why are they part of Dixie? Find out. Does their "rising" (or not) with the New South have anything to do with it?

Why might part of Oklahoma be called "Little Dixie?" Could it have anything to do with their attitude toward outsiders or does it go back to history of the Civilized Tribes? Have you ever hidden out in brush country?
If you or yours have ever felt like part of a conquer4ed people you might have a clue.

East Texas up by Louisiana is pure Dixie says Joel and I tend to agree with him, even though I have met a person or two from that neck of the woods who tend to feel affinity for the Southwest.

There have been times when a Black man would rather live in the South because "A man knew whee he stood there." There are probably those who still think so .I'm talking about the idea that there is a lot of poorly masked racism for sea to shinning sea in North America. There may be less hypocrisy in Dixie than there is in some other parts.

Texas and Florida may still hold the place of top growth center in North America, but cities in other States of Dixie such as Atlanta, Georgia have flourished.

Leaders of the America energy industry call Dixie home.

Hey, did you know that the only one of the Nine Nations entirely in the United States is Dixie?

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