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Friday, July 20, 2012


There is a lot to discover, learn, and enjoy in Guatemala ... and it's not as expensive as Mexico. The natural landscape is a series of marvels. I like the high mountain cloud forest best. I found its delicate mist forests particularly attractive. I once found magic little nodes of geothermal activity there.

There are beautifully attractive beaches on both coasts; even the tiny east coast. The shipping is interesting too.  You might find it easy to visit Honduras by boat.

The capital seems old, yet it bustles with modern activity. I have know women who have found the men their amazing.

You may find some of the frequency ceremony and pageantry in cities and towns a soothing medicine for mind and body. Then again if you get invited to one party, you may get invitations there to keep you partying for a month. You may find yourself in real need of the peace of village life.

You may be treated to a vision of a Maya princess touched by Castile. Should she treat you to her frank and noble smile you will have the memory of a lifetime. 

If poverty and massive injustice is your bag, you can find it in abundance in Guatemala. You may find that much of the injustice had been kept in place there by countrymen of yours.

There may be good reasons for Guatemalans to hate your guts. However, you will probably find that Guatemalans are more welcoming to you in their land than your compatriots are to
Guatemalans in your land.

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