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Saturday, July 21, 2012


FoWL is an organization begun by persons interested in WikiLeaks. I am not a member, but I do tend to check into it?

I am asking for your comments and critiques. Please enter them below.

I'm just taking my first look at FoWL information. I have printed out a  page from the web. It's title is "Join FoWL."  Subtitles are "How is FoWL different?" and "Why FoWL?"

The organizations stated purpose looks to be "... build a mass global movement." Nearly their first words are, "Your privacy is our core concern." Oh, FoWL stands for Friends of WikiLeaks.

I'll begin with the "manifesto." It's divided into two parts. The first part is is a brief statement of five ideals. The first "ideal" on the list is the longest.. I'll write it out just below:
"1. The right to communicate, including the right to speak, and the right to listen, the freedom of thought, the right to communicate privately, and the right to communicate anonymously."

The writing and punctuation seems awkward., but I think that I understand what they intend to say. I suspect that I may agree with that which I imagine they have intended.

I claim and support the right to communicate, speak, and listen. Freedom of thought sounds right too. I know that I don't want anyone messing with my mind.
"The right to communicate privately," sounds right. Keeping the whispers and writings between my lady friend and me seems fair. If my younger brother tells me in confidence that he intends to vote Republican and has had me agree not to tell my older brother, that is fair too, isn't it?
We have long agreed that a private letter or or phone conversation ought to be private.

I seem to have some reservations about communicating anonymously that I don't completely understand. One thing I am certain of, I need to identify a person with whom I am conversing. According to the FoWL literature; if I join FoWL, I will be communicating directly with as many as a dozen persons. If one of them, say, sends me an email saying one thing and later sends my another email say that which seems to contradict the earlier message,  I want to be able to say, "Now wait a minute Mr X, you said such and such in a message in an earlier message, but in this recent message you say such and such; I see a contradiction, don't you?"  I don't need to know that according to his mother and father his name is Ben Franklin, but I do need to know that the same person wrote those two messages. I need to get to know Mr. X.

On the other hand if you want your comment  below to be anonymous. I am fine with that.

To be continued:

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