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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Shee is an anglicized version of a word once used in Ireland to name beings magical, spiritually potent, unusually skillful and wise.
Shee has also been used to mean fay or fairy-like

I am sure that I have posted these notions before. My surname is Sheehan and I have said that in Old Irish the suffix -han had been used to indicate a plural. So, it seems, that one of us had been called a fairy and that in the aggregate we came to be called fairies. I'm old and fairly mellow; however, there are relatives of mine who are certain to prefer to be called skillful, potent, and wise.

I prefer not to hear my mother or sister called a banshee. Still, there are shee happenings and shee beings that it were not bad to be associated with. The Tuatha De Danann and peoples before them have been called shee. Certain holy mounds in Ireland have been described as shee. I have head a place called Tir na nOg described as shee. One might get there in a skin boat were it shee.

I have been attracted to knives from early youth, but I know deep in my heart that neither cold steel nor iron were the best metals for me. Fairies are like that. I am allergic to bread of wheat and, so it is said, is a fairy. I am fond of small bells as are fairies.

I am willing to tell you that a 'shotgun house' is a protection from even a displeased fairy. A fairy will tend to support one who maintains a clean well-kept house.

King Author is said to  have had his kingship and reign blessed by fairies. Leprechauns and Lugh are surely shee.

My paternal line was not always called shee, but it was very long ago that others began to call us so. We have been known to be 'good folk.' peaceful people,' and more Irish than Pat's piggy.

Of course I'm not Irish; still, there does seem to be something in the blood.

Shee has named a people. Those people have been called 'guardian spirits' and 'law givers.' They have been considered to be a conquered people living in hiding. We weren't numerous even in the Age of Bronze, but we had some understanding of configurings.

We have been considered honest, but also able with words.

There is more to tell

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