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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Milesians were named for the land they once occupied, the Anatolian island of Miletus. Miletus is a famous font of philosophy. I've heard it called the birthplace of 'Western' science. Miletus was colonized by settlers from Crete around 1600 BC. Create was a seat of high culture from very early times. By about 600 BC Miletus had become a maritime empire.

When did Milesians arrive in Ireland? Was Ireland ever called the isle beyond the Pillars of Hercules? Were the Pillars of Hercules once part of the gate of Atlas?

It is said that the first Milesians to appear in Ireland were defeated in a conflict with the last of the powerful Tuatha De Danann nobility. However, the Milesians soon had a firm foothold on the island. I suspect that the very name, Ireland, arose from diplomacy between the people of God and the Milesians.

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