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Monday, May 14, 2012

Health Notes

High blood pressure.

I have it under control with medication and some attempt at good living. I have had hypertension since early childhood. In the most recent weeks I have been working out at a gym for about ten hours a week.
Nearly a third of that time is devoted to aerobics.

I find that vigorous physical activity tends to help me to have lower pressure; particularly if that activity is kept up regularly. I find that I am not good at keeping up with that regularity. I'm not sure what the problem is. I do remember my father calling out to a roadside runner that they were no longer behind him.

I am finding some useful motivation at the local gym, but have not found it easy to find quiet times there. I have been highly sensitive to noise since just after on of my concussions.

Even though I am far from understanding everything my body has to say, I do clearly hear that it feels better with increased activity. Still, I do not often obey. I find obedience easier when the request is accompanied by a high level of pain.

I know of others who have found that isometric exercise helps them to lower their blood pressure.

For years I took my own blood pressure; however, in recent years I have failed to do so. Perhaps I'd find it motivating to begin to do so again.

I've also heard of those who have reduced their pressure by using a simple, spring loaded hand grip exerciser. I could do that.  I could do that and use a new pressure gauge to check the effects.


  1. Now when you are ready you can buy yourself a Wii and do some bowling and boxing. Boy wasn't that fun when you visited.

  2. Hi Debra!
    It was great fun!
    Thanks for reminding me about Wii.