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Monday, November 14, 2011

Prayer and Meditation

Consider this an introduction to my interpretation of some of Thomas Merton's thoughts and suggestions on prayer and meditation. I am not considering monasticism  or even Christianity here. My intention is to focus on practical ways to pray and meditate in beneficial ways. However, because of my ignorance of the human mind, and perhaps heart and soul, you may note bits of mysticism arising.

I find that it is possible to learn from each culture and religion that I have looked at.

We are alive in this universe and accept support from it. We live in this cosmos and place some reliance on it. Many rely on God or on 'the way of things.' Little of our acceptance or reliance is deeply based in science. Even so, we may attend to our own experience and that is no small thing.

We live with more or less reliance on some this or that. I think that the Biblical Isaiah, and many others, have thought that it was a good idea to do so.

We are far from knowing everything. However, we note that within our-self is that which is an amazingly good judge and interpreter of our observation and experience.

I don't believe that we have to devote ourselves to repentance, conversion, renunciation, and the like in order to learn from those well practiced in prayer and meditation.

Merton is one of those well practiced practitioners. He has also made a wide reaching, scholarly survey of the teachings of Christian meditation and prayer from early times to more recent times. Let's see what we can learn from him

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