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Monday, November 14, 2011

Wake Up!

A friend of mine, who knows awareness has been important to me, recently gave me these reminders.

First he suggested that I ask and answer questions like these a bit more often:
What's going on with me?
What's going on around me?
Why do I need to be more awake?
Hey, what's happening here?
Why am I doing this?
What am I doing?

He suggested that when I was less than happy with my answers, I might benefit from giving some consideration to a couple of the following sentences:
~ In a world of change and diversity, the more asleep I am, the more out of touch I am with what I am doing.
~ The more asleep I am, the more unaware I am likely to be of the consequences.
~ The less awake I am, the more unaware I will be regarding how what I am doing is effecting me and you.
~ The less alert I am, the less I know how often I create my own problems.
~ The more awake I am to the reality of the situation, the more power I have to alter it.

He reminded me that being awake to what I say to myself, gives me opportunity to consider its probable importance. He suggested that I occasionally interrupt my my inner conversation by interjecting phrases like:
~ Waite a minute.
~ Hold on.
~ Let me think about this.
~ I can't believe I said that!
~ I better believe I did that!

He added that he sometimes tells himself believable things that he can do.
He says, I can:
~ give myself another instant of awareness.
~ give myself and instant of self-awareness.
~ give myself another moment of self-conscious awareness.
~ give myself a chance to appropriately change approaches, attitudes, directions.
~ give myself and edge at this decision point.
~ stop this thought, talk, doing.
~ decide that it is good to continue thinking, saying, doing, this.
~ modify or change that which I have been doing.
re-view and re-evaluate that which I am doing.
~ learn to be more aware.
~ train and teach myself.
~ be more alert to what I am saying to myself and to others.
~ practice being more aware of that which is going on around me.
~ practice being more alert to that which is going on with me.
~ learn a new skill.

By the time he got this far I had fallen asleep.

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