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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupied by Words

I seem to choosing my words with greater care. I seem to be questioning how I use words. I may be occupied by words. Questions like the following occur to me:
~ How important is a word?
~ How much of my thought is carried out in words?
~ How do I choose my words?
~ Which words do I often say to myself?
~ How have I responded to that word?
~ How would I meditate on a word?
~ What does a sentence  do to a word?
~ What are the most popular words of the people around me?
~ How might words effect what I see?
~ How do I use words to interpret my existence?
~ What meaning is this word causing to stir in my mind? Is it the nature of my attention which causes the stir?
~ Which feeling have I noticed in relation to a particular word?
~ What words am I saying to myself now?
~ Which words are true?
~ How have others chosen words to say?
~ Which words refer to the real?
~ What can I do about a word?
~ How might a word please me?
~ How can a word stand for something?
~ What is the difference between a word and its definition?
~ What is the difference between a definition of a word and the meaning of that word?
~ How does that word behave in my mind?
~ How does my mind behave with that word?
~ How do I value a word?

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