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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dialogue is Important

What are you willing to say about dialogue or about communication in general? Are you willing to suggest definitions for either? Below are thoughts which come to my mind as I consider dialogue today. Questions are thoughts too aren't they?

Shared meaning is the cement that holds society together. Consider meanings. What is the meaning of meaning? What is the meaning of society? What is the state of our mutual understanding of meaning?
Do we agree on what holds meaning for us? How do we share meaning? What are the better ways of sharing meaning? What is the nature of our society?

Have you ever seen members of a group become frustrated as they try to share meaning? Does sharing meaning frighten you? Are you afraid that your assumptions may be revealed and challenged? Others are. They seek a leader or a protector. They may just walk away.

What if a group is so democratic that it has no leader? If the group is very democratic there may be a great deal of equality felt among its members. I seem to be less fearful among those who respect me as an equal. What is the source of equality?

Talk, communication, dialogue seems a principle way of sharing meaning. Democracy seems to be a step toward open speech.

I think that the practice of dialogue skills can support democracy and the sharing of meaning. I believe that I am still willing to accept some frustration in my life in order to support the sharing of meaning through dialogue. There is a reason for dialogue. It is what helps us to to be an us. It is important.

We benefit by keeping in mind how important dialogue is. If we don't, we begin to think and say: What's the point? This is too much trouble, Let's give it up. It's not getting us anywhere.

Dialogue is as important as important as earning money. Without a healthy society money loses its value. Shared meaning holds society together. Dialogue is an effective way to share meaning.

Dialogue is important.