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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I suspect that some self-awareness is good for me, perhaps very good.

Maybe I can stir my interest in developing self-awareness by trying to stir your interests. Perhaps in trying to persuade you I can persuade myself.

The process of gaining self-awareness has seemed a bit revolutionary to me. I'm not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with my understanding of 'self' seeming slippery.

Anyway, I am convinced that ignorance is a great danger to me and to all mankind. Awareness seems akin to knowing, understanding, illumination and the like; so may stand in opposition to ignorance. Awareness also seems like that alertness which keeps me from falling into a hole.

Configurations of energy have a growing part in my understanding of being. Energy seems to be a part of self. Are you thinking a bit more about self-awareness yet? I am.

Maybe there are some questions which can motivate us to act on our stirrings of interest. Motivation seems to be a component of self, doesn't it. Stirring is an evidence of energy, isn't it?

Are you thinking of something to say about self-awareness?

What might we say about 'self,' 'awareness,' or 'self-awareness?'

How is motivation connect to self? How is it connected to awareness?

Some people think of questions like these are attractive little doors you can open and look through to new and beautiful happenings. Some people thing of them as part of a string that they can take hold of and follow to healthful doings and understandings.

What suggestions have sages of old made about self-knowledge? How does knowing differ from awareness? How is it the same?

Why might expanding our awareness be good for us? How might that include self-awareness?

What process of evolution might we note in our life. What revolution? What patterns of activity might we note in our life?

What part might our understanding of 'opposits' play in our life?

What sort of reality can we see through pairs of opposites?

What does awareness have to do with creativity?

How might we observe a creative process within ourselves? Why would we think that there is one to observe?

What does creativity have to do with awareness.

Instead of motivating myself I may have overwhelmed myself. Well, just in formulating these questions I have stimulated a flow of meaning around their 'subjects' and objects.' Maybe if I sit down with one of them for a time I'll come to see an attractive little door or the end of a little string to follow.

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