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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Abundant Life (IMHO of this day)

Ignorance is the way of want. Ignorance of the practice of equality, justice, respect, honor, and love pave a speedy road to want. Want is lack.

Ignorance is the way to degeneration and strife. What is a way to abundant life?

The understanding and and practice of love moves one to abundant life very well. Love is a good way. How is love understood? How is love practiced? It's a process. One could begin by getting clear about some meanings. Improve and extend your understanding of equality, justice, respect, and honor among men. Understanding the the interactions among the practice of law, justice, and equality as components of love helps. Knowing that love includes the best of respect and honor helps. Knowing that the heart of love is joyous nurturance is necessary. Learning that respectful, even reverent, nurturance makes love real, is vital.

A reader of the Bible may find help in getting on this road by noting that Jesus said that his purpose was to bring us abundant life. And then by going on to study the page or two of teachings after he says to love your God. There he points to the nature of love, He points to the knowledge and practice of love. He points to the process of learning to love. He tells the essentials and extent of doing it well. The readers must study, contemplate, and meditate well on his parables and examples. H makes it easy to begin.

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