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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Before 1936

Will Rogers wrote:
~ It's a great country but you cant live in it for nothing.
~ You are going to need sales taxes, both Federal and State income tax, and a lot of other kinds. It's a great country, but you can't live in it for nothing.
~ People are wonderful in their generosity if they just know the cause is there.
~ The moment a fellow gets into the Chamber of Commerce, he quits mowing his own lawn.
~ Great artist say that the most beautiful thing in the world is a baby. Well the next is an old lady,every wrinkle is a picture.
~ Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.
~ There is nothing so easy as denouncing, it don't tack much to see that something is wrong, but it does take some eyesight to see what will put it right again.
~ A fanatic is always the fellow that is on the opposite side.
~ A man can fool you with his mind, and his soul, and his heart, but if you follow his feet you will pretty near find out where he is going. (My favorite of the day.)

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