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Thursday, June 2, 2011

How's Your Constitution?

What do we consider just? I bet you and I could identify some acts and processes that we both consider just.

One of the main reasons the writers and signers of the Constitution gave for that writing and signing was the establishment of justice among them.

What do we agree is just? How do we establish justice among us? What can we do to maintain justice in our lives?

Justice is related to rightness and faithfulness. What is a process that we can name and agree is right. A process is just, in part, to the extent that it agrees with the facts. Where do we get our facts?

When I think of justice I think of fairness. How do we agree on that which is fair to each of us?

How do you and I and the rest of us establish justice among us? What can we do to establish justice? How often? How can we make justice and keep it firm?

Can we learn to speak among ourselves a bit more effectively?

Justice has a lot to do with rightness and faithfulness. How do you and I agree on the right of it? How do we express rightness and our faithfulness to it?
Voting doesn't seem enough.

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