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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lucky List

Simplexity Health offers some good incentives to those who sell their products.

Finding numbers of buyers of the "algae" products on an ongoing basis is the task of one who would sell them.

I have no talent as a salesman. I am giving myself a chance to sell some now.

Some years ago, when the company was called Cell Tech, I amazed myself by how much I sold. I was lucky. Shortly after I had the good luck to find a list broker who had few good lists of persons who had the potential for easily understanding the value of 'the algae.' In a very little over a year two of them were selling more for me than I was selling my self.
This all took place in the far away days before men and women were selling online. 

The only potential buyer or seller I have now is you, the reader of this post. This blog has little to do with anything related with these algae nutritional products and so is not a good place to be looking for you. I do write about health topics from time to time and I intend to write a post like this from time to time, but I know this is not a very practical way to contact potential customers. Still, I am giving myself a chance. I am giving myself a chance to pay for the algae I use. I am giving a few others a chance to discover its benefits, and to perhaps earn enough to pay for their algae. Who knows, a couple of them may have the good luck to find their "list broker."

To learn more, click on magobil.

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