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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fear, But

I had a couple of little series of episodes related to my circulatory system and my brain.
One series occurred in Montevideo and the other in Cuenca, Ecuador. I haven't been away from the house overnight since that Uruguay/Ecuador trip.

I plan to take a little trip now.

As I wrote the above I heard the voice of the radio announcer say, "... a blood clot reached his lung and he subsequently died in the hospital ..." A scar shows up on x-rays of my lungs as a result of a similar experience. I didn't die, but that's a different episode.

The trip I plan will be taking a drive in my little Suzuki. From JT I'll head toward Las Vegas, Nevada and then on toward Reno. I may find a place to get into hot water between Vegas and Reno. From Reno I'll probably cross the Sierra to Sacramento, California. From Sacramento I may take a look around the UC campus at Davis and then head back to Joshua Tree from there.

My plans and trips tend to change along the way. Any 'episodes' and I may check into the nearest hospital. Wrong; there are a wide variety of episodes available. I can imagine one in which a lovely lady takes me by the hand and leads us to a a great hot water spa not far from the Danube.

I'll probably leave my passport at home, but I do plan to take a cell phone with me. It's not my first, but I'm so inexperienced that it might as well be. Just bought it today. They said it was simple, but I haven't found the training wheels yet. My # on the instrument is 760-401-3758. Feel free to call. That is you can give it a try; I promise no results.

The day after tomorrow is a Sunday, but I might begin the great overnight adventure then anyway.

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