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Saturday, June 4, 2011


I have traveled a lot.

I enjoyed my travels. I was treated well everywhere.

I found that Americans were generally well liked, but that the America government was not.

I am not surprised that I am well liked. I'm a likable guy. For a time I was surprised that my government was not well liked.

As I traveled, I not only talked a lot, I also listened a lot, and learned to keep my eyes open. I began to learn. I began to understand that even though most people wanted to like the United States, they could not.

I remember being taught that one of the strengths of democracy was its stability. I saw my government supporting anti-democratic government everywhere. We supported those who trusted the people least and who were trusted least by the people. We supported killers, despots, dictators, and cruel exploiters. We supported those interested in the greatest good for the very special few.

My travels began in the days when Americans still referred to the government as 'we' and 'us.' I went to Embassies and Consulates and asked, "Why are we supporting these guys?" When they found that I was serious they explained that it was done in the name of stability! At first I asked, "What about my teachers?" "What about democracy?" I said that I talked to many people who wanted their own democratic government. I said that the people found it confusing that Americans supported their actual point of teaching that government how to suppress them. When I noted How I was being asked, "What people?" and "Which people?" I began to think that I was talking too much.

I began to make my observations a bit more discreetly. My earliest inquiries were mostly in Latin America. I continued observations in Europe, the East and wider.

The major change over these years is that Americans began to refer to their government as they and them.

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