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Friday, June 10, 2011

Driving Trip

Made it to Las Vegas and on to Reno.
The air was bad past Las Vegas about as far as Beatty. It was smoggy all the way. I was saddened to see so much of the atmosphere of the Mojave degraded. Taking this trip has lead me to more fully realize that I live on an 'island' of pretty good air surrounded by more than 100 mile radius of smog. I think that the only exceptions to that great sea of smog, besides my little 'home island' are some high mountain communities. Beatty must be nearly 100 miles north of Vegas and it wasn't until I reached Beatty that I began to note clear air.

I think that I have already posted that I paid about $100 for a room in Tonopah. I didn't need to pay that price, but I a place like Tonopah its sometimes a good idea to choose the best place in town. It is fairly easy along this route to find quite comfortable places to sleep for less than fifty or sixty dollars a night. I spotted some nice casino rooms offered for $29.

Being in the Tonopah area kindled enough memories to fill two posts twice as interesting as this one. Maybe I'll tell one or two of those stories later.

It is great to be in a region of pure air and beautiful skies again. It's great to see the mountains, plains and hills in clear definition. The shapely clouds in a deep blue sky are marvelous.

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