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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Trip Continued

My little Suzuki is doing okay, even on mud and icy snow. I try to remember to stay paved roads, but do forget. I am getting over 34 mpg on the highway and over 30 in towns. I should know better, but had it up over 120 mph and believe I could have gone much faster if I hadn't regained my senses.

I find the more interested I am, the happier I am. Of course others find an interested person more interesting.

I guess I've already said plenty about the foxes interest in my interest in mictation. Maybe not. Stopped far enough off the road to urinate. As I got out of the Suzuki I spotted two fox by a little draw at the edge of the leveled area, and they spotted me.
I talk to them for a while. They didn't say anything, but they appeared interested. They had not been far from me and they started to move closer. Of course i wasn't afraid of a couple of little fox. I told them that I didn't have any food. They walked back to the other side of the little draw, laid down, and watched me. I walked of a respectable distance to urinate and was surprised to stir-up an number of dove. After completing my task I looked around to see the fox watching me from quite close. I moved slowly toward them and they moved back toward the draw where it seemed they had a den. As I got close, a third fox came out and I am pretty sure one of them did a somersault. They were handsome looking creatures and it was all very interesting, but I began to imagine a fox on one of my ankles and another on the other as the third took aim at a place between my ankles, but higher up. I walked back to the Suzuki.

The fox looked much like the one at Camp T Bird. They may have been a bit bigger and have smaller ears. One of them had a light gold shade to her coat which is unlike the greys of those at Camp T Bird.

I am driving parallel to a part of the Sierra that has a pretty good snow pack. I'm experiencing some light rain and there seems to me some snow reaching the mountains.

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