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Monday, September 9, 2013

La Na

I may be beginning to learn a bit about Thai history just as I begin to feel attracted to South America again.

Lanna is a name given a large section of the north of Thailand. Petchaboon, where I am now may mark the southern boundary of Lanna. However my guess is that it lies south of that boundary. There is a mountainous area not far north of Petchaboon which seems to mark that boundary pretty well

I see a way to make a home for myself here in Petchaboon, but do not find myself strongly attracted to the idea. I may move back to Chaing Mai before the end of the year. There I may have some more work don on my eyes and prepare for a move to .....perhaps Manizales, in Caldas Colombia.

The beginnings of Lanna  fairly well coincides with the beginning of modern Thailand. I'm not very confident of any understanding of Thai history yet, but I'll do the best I can at the moment. Lanna became influential in Siam at about the same time as Mongol-Chinese influence was on the upswing in SEA. The people of Lanna with their King Mengri were among the few to successfully resist that powerful influence.

Southeast Asia which had long been strongly Indianized became so Sinicized that has been called Indo-China.

I guess that what must Thais learn is that Mengri successfully resisted a Mongol led Chinese encroachment on the area and with two friendly kings went on to found Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and other important cities which exist today and began a culture well recognized today.

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