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Monday, September 16, 2013

Back in ChiangMai

If you are ever at bus stations Two in ChiangMai and feel like talking a bit of English and eat something reminiscent of home try this:
Look around or ask around a bit for a largish newish hotel with the English name of Grand Diamond or Diamond Grand. By the way that hotel can be a comfortable place to stay right at the bus station.
Step into the tiny but pleasant lobby, then turn around and walk out the door and make an immediate right and walk a short(ish) way down the road toward an entrance to the Wat. At the Wat the road turns right. Just after that turn look to your left and you may see a tiny laundry down aside street. Look just a bit further down the main road and you will see "D Coffee House." There you can get a variety of coffees, lots of ice cream, bakery snacks, smoothies, and I've heard that sometimes decent pizzas are available.
I go there for a scrambled egg breakfast. Their scrambled eggs could be called an omelet. I like the fact that the are served hot.
If you get lost call them at 086-924-9708 or 090-598-9699.

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