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Sunday, November 11, 2012

WikiLeaks Manifesto

Aim Number Two

The second aim seems to have three parts.

Part one is to vindicate the sources of WikiLeaks by defending through speech the good name of anyone alleged to have risked life and comfort to inform the public.

An informed public is vital to  our well-being as citizens of a republic. I am glad that there are those willing to risk comfort and life ti inform me and my fellow citizens. I do hesitate to defend everyone who breaks our law, or worse, their word, in order to inform me. So far Bradley seems to be one to be defended.

Part two is keeping WikiLeaks strong so that it is able to defend its sources.

Defening its sources is the job of every institution. Journalism seems our main source for information on the doings of our politicians and bureaucrats. I have not decided how much I am willing to do to support this cause of WikiLeaks. I do believe that WikiLeaks has a legal and moral right to defend its sources.

Part three is ensuring through advocacy that the information that they seek dies not fall on deaf ears.

Advocacy is an every-day legal and honorable activity. Honestly informing listeners of that which is vital ti their well-being is fair and honorable. I support efforts to deliver information to our citizens which helps them to develop and exercise their citizenship in the name of democracy and our republic. 

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