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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


How does one know it is a flower?
What is the difference between a Period and and Era?
Which was the favorite flower of Hercules?

I asked you first.

I will tell you some things about flowers that I've been checking into.

With the advent if flowers the Earth began to look like the good old Earth we know. Flowers, I hear, began to bloom a lot toward the end of of the late Mesozoic Era, around 135,000,000 years ago, plus or minus 1,000,000 years. From the beginning of the Cretaceous Period(about 145,500,000 years ago)  the Earth has be decorated with flowers. Dinosaurs lived to see them.

Just as things were looking really good, about 65,000,000 years ago, a large object struck the earth and not only ended the Period and the Era, but also the dinosaurs. I suspect that some of these survived to become dragons and some to become birds too.

Some men have called dragons 'great worms' and and others called them 'flying snakes.' Seems men have called dragons a variety if names. Did you ever hear of a man saying that dragons or dinosaurs stopped to smell the flowers?

In a Myanmar river I saw two recently dead dragon looking creatures pulled up on the bank. They had Turned nearly white. Thais have told me that similar creatures still live in their rivers. I have seen a carving if them decorated with flowers. Once I saw a great worm moving into the cinders on the side if a volcano in Italy, but it did not fly and I saw no flowers growing in those cinders. The Volcano was giving off certain fumes.

Insects may have known flowers longer than other beings. Birds are attracted ti the fruits and nuts which flowers bring and to the insects they attract.

Beautiful and seemingly delicate flowers abound while dinosaurs and dragons do not. Flowers, it appears, like women, have mire staying power than some have thought.

Aftershocks if that strike from space which knocked the Earth out of the Mesozoic Era into the Cenozoic lasted, I imagine, about 40,000,000 years; for only 25,000,000 years ago the 'Laramide Revolution' so shook the Earth that it brought up from the bottom of a sea what was to become 'the land if enchantment,' New Mexico, and also began a period of world wide volcanism.

Then, in a blaze if celestial glory, about 20,000,000 years ago, the Pleiades were formed:
                            There is a piece of the moon in the apple
                            A part of the sun in a rose
                            And a bit of the flaming Pleiades in ever blade of grass that blows.

What a World!

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