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Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Never Met Him

Joseph Carroll Sheehan was my paternal grand father. He was born in1885 and died in 1940. He lived five years longer than did his son, my father. He married Josephine S. Helwick my paternal grand mother. I am pleased that I did meet her. Josephine's and Joseph's children included; Carroll Joseph, my father; Eleanor,  Winifred, and Cliff, his youngest.

Joseph Carroll's father was Mago William Sheehan and his mother was Mary J. Carroll. Mary and Mago were then, my paternal great grand parents. My grand father Joseph's siblings included James W., Margret C., John B., Thomas F., Martin, Kate, Edward Michael,  and Robert Emmett.

I am always pleased to hear anything about or tentatively about any of these people. I thank my sister, Gerry Hook for much of what I do know of them.

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