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Thursday, August 30, 2012

South America

South America is not only populated by Americans, but also has the biggest river, the longest mountain range, and the driest desert of any continent.

It is a beautiful land with beautiful people. Even so, it has as many imperfections as any other continent.

Let me begin our conversation with talk of the greatest of rivers, the Amazon. It has been called the river sea. How big is the amazon? Google it. How long is it? What is the flow of water that it carries? Check Wikipedia. Rivers that follow the Amazon in size include: Congo, Brahmaputra, Ganges, Mississippi, Yenisei, Orinoco, and Lena. These eight rivers combined do not equal the average Amazon discharge. I'd guess that discharge to be sixty million gallons per second.

Remind me to say a few words about the Andes and the Atacama. I'm willing to speak with you about S.A. Just say the word, make the comment.


  1. Here is a reminder to say a few words about the Andes and the Atacams

  2. Coming up. It will be short. The Atacama is dry.