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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Story Circles

The Navajo, like the Maya, have a large circle of teaching stories for their children. They tell them and tell them again. They are likely to consider the the time of thunder and lightning before they do.

They have other cycles of stories too. Inside the circle of children's stories is a large circle of the stories and deeds of the people. Within that circle their may be on of stories of legitimization and origins.

Cycles within cycles. Inside the stories of origins and legitimization may be a great cycle of of curing ceremonies which contain other stories. The curing ceremonies may seem a bit like variety shows, operas, dances and more. They can be expensive. There is a set way for them to be done and are meant to be carried out correctly by those who know.

A new story may be created, but it may be very wrong to change and old one.

Deep within the circles of stories may be a cycle of mysteries and hidden things. Near the center may be things that I do not imagine and cannot guess.

For those who can turn the circle of circles inside-out, it may not be necessary to guess.

I am neither Maya nor Navajo nor am I an authority on these things.

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