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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Desert Around Me

If you are interested in the desert around me, you can do some online research.

Check to see:
~ if there is a Sahati Camel Farm and Desert Animal Breeding Center open to the public in Yuma, Arizona.
~ if tours are available to the Coachella Valley Preserve at Thousand Palms, California.
~ where good swimming, cocktails, and easting are available near Palm Springs Indian Canyons
~ if Yumans have really vanished;
~ how to get to the little museum on the Morongo Reservation before you enjoy the nearby casino and shopping;
~ who knows why the Chemahuve left the River to come to 29 Palms;
~ how the Cahuilla are related to the Shoshone.

On the desert there are happenings for each character and personality. I remember when many drinking establishments here had signs reading, "You don't have to be crazy to live here, but it helps."
You can benefit by having your preferences and potential preferences in mind before you decide to explore facets of the desert.

You might want to divided the desert into areas on the map. Getting the layout of these areas may help you to systematize your exploration and add to your enjoyment without adding to your gas bill.

One such division which I find helpful is:
Joshua Tree
Colorado River
Imperial Valley
East Mojave
West Mojave
Death Valley
the Resort Cities (check out the polo and the palms)

If you have an interest in history you might learn stories of the prospectors, the war veterans, and the various tribes. Or, you might check out the times of the Spaniards, Californios, or Mexicans.

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