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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Early Ancestors

As I understand the results of my sister's research, my earliest confirmed ancestors are from Norway. They are on my paternal side by way of my maternal grandmother.

I think that I remember my sister telling me that she found  the Norwegian tax records and Parish records a satisfying source of documentation.

I'll name those ancestors:
They are Johan Johanesen and his wife Mari Andreasdatter. As they are family and I am old, I think that I can comfortably use their firs names. Johan was born in Norway in the year 1733. He married Mari on March 31st of 1805. He died in 1836 in Nesodden Parish and is buried at Nesodden Kirke. Mari was born in Norway in 1773. She died there in 1839 and is buried at Nesodden Kirke. Johan and Mari had one son, Andreas Johansen.

Wish someone would tell me some stories of the pre-1700 Nesodden area.

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