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Friday, March 23, 2012

Awakening: to one who cares

Awakening is an important part of my life. It adds welcome meaning to my life.

Yet sleep is very good. A nap is great. Duality and opposites are still part of my life. So, sleep and wakefulness may be parts of an important unity or whole.

I sometimes see being awake and being asleep as relative points along a continuum.

I am interested in the quality of my wakefulness.

I often feel better when I am aware that I keep finding out.

I am glad that I am not stuck to that which I already know. I'm glad that I can envision possibilities.

I am reminded of the 'wisdom teachings.' Those teachings awaken the teacher in me.

I like to find out for myself. Understanding order is good for me.

My awakening brings me feelings of freedom and liberation. Sometimes it feels great to be profoundly on my own .... and profoundly connected to all configuring reality.

I let my mind consider the many and the one as I enjoy the changing beauty.

I benefit from the illumination here now.

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