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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Notes On Dialogue

To keep our culture healthy we have to share the consciousness we actually have. In sharing our consciousness we discover that we share feelings of frustration and contradictory assumptions. In order to share our consciousnesses we may have to stick with our mutual anger and be angry together. We look at it all together and come to have a common consciousness. When we stick with the hate we may feel we may create a powerfully useful bond among us. A common consciousness is not bliss but, in its creation we may develop useful participation and satisfying fellowship.

We want to avoid physical damage but, anger and panic are not reasons to stop dialogue. When we can stay with our unreasoning anger and panic, we may find in it a strongly creative energy.

In the kind of consciousness sharing we have been speaking of we are practicing ways of preserving and strengthening our society and culture.

It begins by sharing opinions and continues by learning certain dialogue techniques.

David Bohm has shared some valuable opinions and experience in his work On Dialogue.

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