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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Early Spring?

It seems spring is a bit early this year.

I can hear bird song for much of the day although at the moment I cannot. What I do hear and see is a redheaded woodpecker tapping on the trunk of my little mesquite tree.

I've see a ground-squirrel out and about, and the chipmunks are eating my potted cacti. 

I've seen a  slow-moving lizard or two, active quail, and the cottontail have begun to chase each other. Just under my window this morning a pair of these little rabbits were taking turns to drink from the trickle of a hose I had failed to turn off tightly.

There are signs of new plant growth. There are no wild flowers growing just here. However, out driving I did spot a few long-stemmed yellow daisy-like flowers on a brittle brush.

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