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Friday, February 24, 2012

Continued Dangerous Activity

Still thinking.

A car has an advantage, even when gas prices are very high. A car is easier to stop than are most of the usual forms of transportation. One can stop a car on a whim, an impulse, almost on a dime. A car gives a man a better chance of 'following his nose' than does a ship or a plane, or a bus or a train.

I have a four door Suzuki that I can drive. It goes for more than thirty miles on a gallon of gas. If that costs too much, I can park until I save up more gas money.

I've thought of a tentative itinerary. It attracts me. To follow it I could use my abilities and resources on hand. I could drive the SX4 LE along the US side of the Mexican boarder from here to Brownsville, Texas and cross into Matamoros, Mexico from there.  Mexico! Mexico can be quite exotic. It can also be be less expensive than Canada or the US. Through Mexico can drive to Belize and to the other six Central America Republics. I once drove to Honduras.

Over the decades the US government has grievously damaged those republics and it can be saddening to see that damage. Still they are grand countries with grand people.

From the Republic of Panama one can, without much difficulty, ship oneself and ones vehicle to Venezuela or Colombia. From Colombia one can drive to the extremities of Chile or Argentina and on to visit most of marvelous South America.

The itinerary I have in mind for myself is less ambitious than a drive to Patagonia. 

An itinerary is far from being a complete plan, even for a vagabond.
My plan includes driving slowly and stopping often. It includes stopping for days, weeks or, perhaps, months. My plan also includes following my nose and exploring enough to give myself what might be called a peak experience. My plan also includes looking for a city home.

The itinerary I have been thinking of most recently is making my way from Matamorros to "Tampico, Tampico, on the Gulf of Mexico." In the Tampico area I'd check out rents for a comfortable little downtown apartments. From Tampico I'd head south along the Gulf to Vera Cruz. I'm sure I'd eat seafood along the way and perhaps swim in the waters of the Gulf. In Vera Cruz I'd see about renting a nice apartment I could easily afford.

From Vera Cruz I'd visit Merida, Yucatan or Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala. I've never been to either of the last two cities. Visiting both of them seems a great idea. Exploring both of them sounds even better.
Tlaxcala and Merida!

From there I could move on to Morelia, Michiocan. There is always Patagonia to the south and beyond that, Antarctica. Once in Chile I was offered a translating job on a South African whaler; so, couldn't I be off to the Old World.

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