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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Your True Story

Mostly I'm interested in my story. However, I do believe that your understanding of your history makes you more powerful too. Attending to your history puts you on a high road to understanding and power.

I believe that your story hooks you up. It gets you together.  It connects you to your family, your people, mankind, and the world.

Your history is about truth and reality. It begins with awareness and alertness; awareness and alertness not only to the world around you, but also to yourself, your motives and feelings, your inner self. It continues with better observation of your own experience. It gets on the road with conscious improvement of your interpretation of your observation.

You don't have to have a favorite color, but you may find it useful to know more about what you find attractive. Yourt aunt Sara's love life? Your cousin Jake's Career? Small airplanes? Your left foot? A passage from the Bible? Saints? Kings? Find out what interests you today and find out more about it. Get its story;its history. Your self is likely greater than you believe it is. Exploring that which attracts you may enliven that self.

Today I was attracted by Og. Og may be the name of a giant in a kids story I heard log ago. I believe that following my attraction to Og can increase my power and understanding today. To each his own, right?

My imagination, like yours, is a very valuable tool. However, imagination is what it eats. I try to feed mine on truth and reality. Much that I taste I do not swallow. I find that flavoring my history with goodness and reality is to my advantage. Badly fed imaginations may sicken. However, just getting some information that seems good in mind and letting your mind get used to it being there may be a good start. You can hold something in mind for a time without taking it as real or true, can't you?

Your mind is not exactly the same as mine or as anyone else's. Minds differ in a variety of ways. One mind wants, needs, and benefits from information that consists of doubly or triply validated fact before it is given much time in mind. Another mind wants, needs, and benefits from gathering bits and pieces of information which seem to begin to define the parameters of an attractive area.

My mind tends to work a bit like the the outer limits defining way I suggest above. I am grateful that it works at all.

Now, I find that there has been an Og called a giant in places besides a kid's book. Or, it seems, was: an Amorite king of Bashan; a person of the time of Noah; a canaanite; a neighbor of Shihon and Hesbond. I have discovered that there are those who believe that Og may be related to Magog, Gog, Ogma, ogham, Ogias, and, perhaps, Mago.

I have also learned that translations of ancient works have sometimes confused the idea of big men and great men, with men who were physically much bigger than other men.

Then again, I find that learned men have found evidence that man-like beings well over seven feet tall walked the earth for 400,000 years.

Og data may provide me with a seed that will grow into a tree of power and understanding. An acorn grows to a mighty oak. A tiny mustard seed grows to be a plant of considerable size. Still it may take a whole lot of good evidence to form a vital seed.

Knowing that I find much joy at being where I can see wild flowers bloom is probably a greater thing in my life than any Og can be.

You are your best historian. Even so, you can learn much from the great historians, giants among men. One of those great historians is Herodotus. Herodotus is a dead Greek, but he is still a great historian. He read, but he didn't like to very much. He would travel far to hear a good story or to see for himself. I suspect that he knew that his ongoing inner story was intimately connected to the whole world of all time. He may well have known that it extended beyond world and time.

Your history begins with your personal history. Your personal history is very important. The history of your thoughts, feelings, and doings color your understanding of everything. Those thoughts, feelings, and doings of yours tints the world of each of us. Your motives, experiences, and observations make up your history and the way you see your life. May you enjoy the understanding and power of your truth and reality. Make it a good story.

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