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Monday, November 28, 2011

Starve or be Eaten

Most of us Earthlings still depend on rule by less than 2% of our number. Such tiny oligarchic rule can work in certain times of abundance and calm. In most times it does not work very at all,  well except for the very small ruling class. Times of change or scarcity call for more participation. Even in times in times of abundance that 2%  oligarchy relies on the support of armed power to keep them where they are. That 2% takes wealth from most of us, to arm some of us, to keep the rest of us consuming and serving.

Few, even of the 2%, plan this arrangement. Of course, there are those who do. However, mostly it is the result of our being too lazy to educate ourselves, or organize ourselves to participate.

In times of want or great and rapid change 2% cannot rule. If they cannot rule well enough, they do not rule well enough. The middle does not hold and society moves towards chaos. Sometimes it rushes or falls to chaos.. You know what a governor is, right? It is the mechanism which keeps the engine from stalling or from speeding up in such a way as to causes it to fly apart.

I believe that we need and active 20% or more of us to govern ourselves well enough. To secure a practicing ruling group of 20% it is probably necessary for 50% of us to be well trained to govern.

What happens to kingdoms, empires, nations? Why do even our public schools still teach the lessons of history? Why have the ruling classes of  Persia, Rome, China, England, France, Japan taken such pains to use their best schools to teach their sons to rule? Why did the king secure the the best tutors to prepare his heir to rule. Institutions of higher learning in most nations, kingdoms, and empires were not used to teach workers, merchants, or servants. The purpose of those institutions was, and is, to teach rule and governance.

If you would be well governed, if you would have the good of our culture survive and thrive you will help your sons and daughters learn to rule and govern. Those who would rather not see much of the best of our technology and culture dead and buried or slowly withering have much to do. You can begin to teach children to identify and use the tools of governance in about the 2nd grade. You can help them to continue learning the skills of governance as long as those offspring of yours will let you. If they do not learn to cooperate to govern well they may find that thinks like medicine, health care, schooling, and shelter from the storm may be beyond the reach of their children. Much of the good things of life will be out of their reach. Rights and justice will not be their.

In the end, those who do not govern because they have not learned to govern will starve or be eaten.

There is lively satisfaction in self rule.


  1. education good ignorance bad

  2. Caveman wisdom.
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