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Monday, August 15, 2011

Peak Experience Continued

The next day as I drove toward Atascadero in Hopes of seeing my Number One Niece, I continued to be astounded by the evidence of the successful growth of humanity.

As soon as I detected signs of Atascadero, I found a way to pull off the highway, stop, and 'dial' my niece. Got her voice mail and left a message. I had only set her a vague email some days before, so she had little more notion of my arrival than did Lady B. I got back on the road and before long my cell-phone sounded. I picked it up, and as I drove, used my thumb to press as many keys as I could again and again. Much to my surprise, Niece Number One's voice came to me. It was my first time to respond to a call on that phone and my first time to use a cell-phone while driving. We began to speak. I managed to do so without killing anyone or even causing any wreckage. We arranged a place to meet.

We met. She had bought another slightly used Volvo; this one was a convertible and a bit more sporty than the last one. I followed her up a hill to here many leveled, hill-side home.

She was as good a hostess as she was a guest. She greeted me with love and respect as a good niece should. By close observation I could tell that she had rather I had made better arrangements with her for the visit. In my short days there she took me up and down and all around. We went to the sea-shore and traveled far inland. She had an idea to move some capital out of metals and into some highly rentable real estate where a solar project was slated to begin.

I believe that if I had made better arrangements, she would have arranged a day, or two, more off work and encouraged in a search for a peak experience. I enjoyed my visit with her very much. She is not Number One Niece just because she is my first niece.


  1. Is she is your Number One Niece and I am her sister I suppose that makes me you Number Two Niece. You are my Number One Uncle ! !Love You ! ! !

  2. Debra, it is wonderful to hear from you. Your good life brings me joy.
    I wonder what nieces 3 and 4 have to say.
    Your sister tells me that you are her best sister and perhaps her best friend.
    She doesn't tell me everything.
    I like your web site!