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Monday, August 22, 2011


Or is NBS?

What is a public broadcasting system? Who is the public in that system? What part does the public play and what part pay? Who controls PBS? Who benefits from PBS? Who benefits most? Who least?
How is PBS set to move beyond radio and TV?

I have a lot to learn and could use some help.


  1. Public Radio, Public Broadcasts,
    both are underwritten by the government.
    That means it is underwritten by You and by Me.

    They are also very much supported by listeners
    Like You and Like me.

    Many programs are entertaining.
    Most lean toward the Left in their words and subjects.

  2. Gerry,
    Thank you for the comment!
    I pay for it, but don't know how it is controlled.
    Seems neither smart nor practical.
    The programs I hear lean to the establishment right.
    I have been entertained. Still I wonder who benefits most.