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Monday, August 22, 2011

Eighth Post on "Peak Experience"

Finally I spotted a tiny light in one of the cabins and knocked. The man who came to the door said nothing about getting shot creeping around in the dark. He did explain that up the main road a bit was a community called Pine Flat which had a restaurant and a little motel.

I drove through Pine Flat a couple of times without seeing restaurant or motel. I did spot a couple of boys on bikes. They were not easy to spot because they had no lights. My eyesight may also have been a factor. Among us we decided that I had been looking right and the restaurant was on the left(and visa versa).
They pointed behind me and I saw nothing. However, when I turned the Suzuki around I found two persons waiting patiently in the doorway of a closed restaurant just as though I were important and had a reservation.

I never did find a sign for a motel, but behind the bar/restaurant was an older two story four-plex. I was shown to a spacious, clean, and comfortable room. It had a large coffee maker and a small refrigerator and I was given enough coffee to make twenty or more cups. The Lady of the couple made me a substantial snack, which included restarting and reheating the the deep fryer. Then the couple the couple prepared to leave for their days off. I showered and slept well.

In the morning I woke to find no one around, but did find a sign on the closed restaurant that said that they had lobster on the menu.

I drove the short way down to California Hot Springs and had a decent breakfast. The glass of water I had with breakfast reminded me of the wondrous, fine, fresh taste of the Spring water.

After commenting on swimming right after eating I went down to the change room, put on my trunks, and showered. Before going to the pool it is now customary to pay $10 for a day of bathing. Spent joyful, relaxing hours in the large swimming pool and two hot tubs. I was there just long enough to get too much sun on my nose and forehead. My fellow, mostly female, bathers were casual, courteous, and friendly.

click on for more info.

I believe the phone numbers were as follows:
661-548-6582 for the spa
611-548 6130 for the motel

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