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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Including more toilet talk.

If only 1% of the water on earth is drinkable, then that 1% is precious. Part of that 1% is being used for other purposes. Too much of that precious, and costly, 1% is being flushed down the toilet. There are good arguments being presented for beginning to use more of the available ecological sanitation technology to preserve that precious 1% for its highest usage, to keep humanity hydrated.

Many people in China are using toilets which separate urine from feces. The urine is evaporated and the remaining solids processed and used as fine fertilizer. This is done without using any of the precious 1%.

Many people in Germany are separating grey water from black water. The grey water is treated and used for flushing and cleaning. Drinking water is preserved for drinking.

There is truly a lot of interesting information on line. You might start your on-line search with "ecological sanitation."
Here are some sites you might find interesting and useful:

Ecological sanitation can be described as including systems that:
~ prevent disease and promote health
~ protect the environment and conserve water
~ recover and recycle nutrients and organic matter

Someday you might give someone shit and they will thank you. The idea is the conservation of, and the safe reuse of, our resources. A guy could make a buck by helping in this activity.

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