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Thursday, July 14, 2011


I was listening to an audio novel in which an Indian was following a bear. Then a scene of bears painted by a Russian artist came up on my screen saver.

That, plus all else going on in my life, motivated me to unpack my teddy bears. They are now sitting on my bed looking out the window.

Makes me smile.

I've added the painting above.


  1. Teddy bears?
    Never knew you had any.

    are you bears bare?
    You nude I'd say that, didn't you.


  2. Got five of them. Got the first one from Anabella in the 60s. The last one is one I gave to Mom and took back when she died. Another I got from Eleanor F.

    You are spelling on purpose in the way I did from mental flaws and ignorance. Why is it cute and witty when you do it.