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Sunday, June 19, 2011


I've begun listening to an unabridged audio novel. I am finding it a pleasure; a surprisingly great pleasure. It is well written by Dick Francis and Felix Francis and very nicely read by Martin Jarvis. I has been titled  Silks and might be described as a suspense, mystery, thriller.

So far, it has been a personal view of English law and a wonderful view of a kind of horse racing I wish there were more of in the United States. The story is delivered in an intelligent, flow of transparent English of good character. Feelings are strong rather than raw and clothed in decent taste rather than naked.

The facts of silks and gowns are manly.

Mason, our protagonist, is a barrister at criminal law and an amateur jockey,and,perhaps, a bit of a detective. This story, of over ten hours, looks to be a matter of life or death, related more to courtroom action than to action on the track. But it is a mystery and I expect steeplechase action.


I'm well into the story now. It may not be quite as good as I had hoped, but I am enjoying it a lot. Its a bit of a novel of manners and attention taking mystery.

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