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Monday, June 20, 2011

Organization for Living: or is more than London Bridge falling down?

This might be considered a sort of meditation.

We are interested in helping our youth, our children, grandchildren and posterity, to live and thrive in the world.

Changes in the world sometimes seem fearsome.

Sometimes organizations seem too big. Sometimes we see ourselves as lost in a nation state, more than  as being protected by it. At other times we see the power and structure of the state as failing. We may feel that great institutions such as large corporations, churches, NGOs, and the UN may be supplanting the nation state.

I have asked myself if we are not now seeing the beginning of the end of the the nation state. Sometimes I see the ending of the nation state as a powerful trend unlikely to be stopped by anything men will do.

Change is.

Man does not live alone. Men, women, and children need one another and tend to cleave to each other. What man do you know who can get a church, or a pencil, by himself?

We want our space and freedom. Still, we live best in circles of others. A country or nation is helpful as are other large organizations, but we most helped by more comfortable smaller groups, organizations, and systems  around us. The family, nuclear and extended, has proved to be a strong and lasting support which we feel fairly capable of maintaining. Clans and tribes have been of great help. The small town and village has been helpful too. We have also know the support of certain congregations and clubs.

Large cities have been of sustaining support. However, even for those of us who found the cover of the city freeing, have still found the group in which our name and face is known a source of comfort. I am reminded of the TV program "where everyone knows your name."

We have seen great social structures of man fall in what seems the twinkling of an eye. The Berlin wall falls. The soviet union falls. A church is flooded and the congregation does not return. A woman turns to drugs, a man turns away, and a family is gone. There are a couple of long distance movers or a single war and an extended family is lost. We forget the structure of clan or tribe and clan and tribe are no more.

May not our children's children benefit from being taught how to cooperate to build or rebuild needed structure around themselves?

What do we know about reestablishing an appropriately structured and functioning peer group, congregation, tribe, clan, support group, extended family? What do we know about establishing a supportive group of individuals loyal enough to one another? How do we go about forming a group which can keep us informed, help us to gather information? What do we know gathering a group able to warn us of danger, who can be relied upon to tell us were the job is, where a good pair of shoes can be bought, the better candidate found, help us to locate a good mate?

You know a great deal and I know something too. We could gather and organize what we know to better inform those who follow us.

Who is responsible for teaching the children,

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