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Friday, May 6, 2011

Your Kind of Dialogue

The object of this new kind of dialogue is to listen to every one's opinion. The object is  not to judge or analyze or even to exchange opinions. The object is to listen and begin to see what it all means. The object is to come to share  common content. The object is not to agree or disagree, but rather to simply share an appreciation of the meanings.

You may not have read the 50 some post on this topic on my Magic Table blog or the dozen or so on my Isness blog. If that is the, case you might have a less than perfect understand of what I am talking about. Please ask me to clarify and explain the portions you are not sure about.

In important part the purpose of this kind of talk is to deal with difficult communication which is ongoing. It's designed for face to face communication among forty or more people, but may be beneficially used by a couple. This kind of communication, which we have called dialogue, is for use among equals. Everyone contributes, every one participates equally. It is a democratic process.

Not knowing how much you understand of this kind of dialogue has really thrown me off. I don't know what to say to you. Using the comment section just below for a bit of a dialogue of our own would really help me to write more meaningfully.

Maybe I should just forget trying to blog. Or maybe see if a wiki-blog would help me to get more useful feedback.

If you knew what I was talking about we might aim to look at everything together and to acknowledge a participatory consciousness; each partaking of the whole meaning. We would aim to share all the assumptions in the group.  

We would try to leave as little out as possible. We would share common meaning and create common meaning. In a way, a common mind would rise which did not exclude the individual. The meaning of each would be seen.

Each would be free. Individual mind and collective mind both honored. Individual mind would be first as it attempt a harmony with the whole. We would start to move into a new creativity  

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