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Sunday, May 8, 2011

little Joshua Village Place

Around my 'new' little Joshua Tree village place there age goings on. I probably don't care why, BUT:
Why have I been washing what look like pinkish beet juice marks off my patio tile for the last few days?

Why did I end up teaching the guy I hired, to get get my cooler started for the season, how to do the job.
Why did he offer to pay me for the lessons?
Why did I take my rickety knees and back on and off the roof half a dozen times?

Why is one kind of cholla and one kind of mesquite blooming on this tiny lot?

Why do the holes of the round squirrel I have been hosting so remind me of bears' dens?

Why do the doves insist on building nests in all the wrong places?

Why do the cactus wrens seem so pushy?

Why would anyone care?


  1. Hey, sounds like you can get some part-time work teaching handi-men how to do their jobs.
    How much could you make in one season?????

  2. If they were horses they would be as hard to get them to water as a it would be to get them to drink.

    I'm to broken down to do on the job training