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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Your Plumber

Your plumber is likely to want to:
~ reduce the health risk related to sanitation, contaminated water, and waste;
~ prevent the pollution of surface and ground water;
~ Prevent degradation of soil fertility;
~ Optimize the management of nutrients and water resources.

He or she may also be interested in the:
~ improvement of health by minimizing the introduction of pathogens from human excreta into the water cycle;
~ promotion of safe hygienic recovery and use of nutrients, organics, trace elements, water, and energy;
~ preservation of soil fertility;
~ lower consumption of water and minimize water pollution;
~ improvement of agricultural productivity and food security;
~ more appropriate, cost-efficient solutions adapted to the situation;
~ promotion of holistic, interdisciplinary approach to water and waste; 
~ more regular and automatic recycling of resources.

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