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Saturday, January 15, 2011


In a visit to "Stats" I see that in the last seven days I have had the following visits:
81 from the U.S.
12 from So. Korea
6 from Denmark
3 from France
3 from Malaysia
3 from Russia
3 from VietNam
2 from Latvia
2 from Slovenia
1 from Germany

I can't read Latvian, can you?


  1. No, I can't not read that language.

    However, we just listened to an audio book 'the dogs of Riga'
    by Henning Mankell, speaking of Riga.


  2. Hi Gerry! Tell us a bit about 'The Dogs of Riga' if you want. Novels can be a wonderful source of world knowledge. Great pleasure and great learning seems a great combination; and, we can do it in English.