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Monday, December 13, 2010

TV: Persons per Broadcast Station

Estimates, by country, of the number of broadcast stations divided into population. Work out the ratios. Before you make any big bets on my population figures or station count it would probably be wise to check my figures against original sources.

Russia has 7306 broadcast stations for a population of 142,000,000 people; that's about one station for each 20,000 people.

China has 5240 stations for 300,000,000 people; that's about one station for each 60,000 people.

The US has 2218 stations for 76,000,000 people; that's about a station for each 3,800 persons.

India has 1400 stations for about 200,000,000; that's a station for each 143,000.

Ukraine 674 stations for about 45,831,408 persons; about a station for each 70,000.

Turkey has 635 stations for 72,561,312 people or about 121,000 for each station.

France has 584 stations for a population of about 38,000,000 people or about 63,000 for each station.

By my rules it looks like so far in this bunch the US is winning and India is losing.

Romania has 575 stations for 21,466,174 people, or about 35,800 people per station.

South Africa has 556 stations for 1,400,000 people or about 2,510 persons per station.

Oh, oh! Looks like South Africa is winning.

Brazil has 384 stations and 17,000,000 people or about 44,550 persons for a station.

Singapore has 1 station and 5,076,700 population, or over 5 million persons per station.

Singapore loses!

Nepal has 1 station for its28,585,000 people.

Maybe Nepal isn't playing this game.

What does it all mean?

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