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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Have you ever been to a hotel or motel at which you were treated like a member of an invading army?

In order to be a guest one needs a host, a hostess, or both. To be a good guest it helps a lot to have a good host or hostess.

To me, a guest is one to whom hospitality is extended. What is the heart of hospitality? Tell me about it.

A guest may also be a person entertained in one's home. I imagine that you have entertained that thought.

Have you ever encountered a hostile host? A host is like a multitude as an army, right? I don't mean that kind of host. I mean the host on the same coin as guest.

How do you treat a stranger who has become your guest. My father taught me that ought to be generously, but that trust should be extended with care.

Host and guest are rightly associated with home. Still there are specialized places dedicated to receiving guests. One such place has been the hotel. 

We are more likely to return to a place where at we felt sincerely welcomed and well attended. 

I think it would be an excellent part of the training of hotel personnel for them to be made guests of well run hotel. Having that experience would give them a better chance of duplicating it for another.

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