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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Up-Date from Cuenca

Memory is going fast, so I'd like to thank a few people while I have it in mind. Of course, it is very likely that I won't remember half the names. Thank you: Gerry, Rex, Gary, Kevin M, Bridget, Eleano, Dorian, Gloria L.
Thank all of you for being in my life. I have felt especialy  supported and appreciated by each of you.

The surgery was done yesterday. Two surgens worke for about an hour. One surgeon pecialized in cancer surgery and the othe was a plastic surgen. The took turns assisting. Little pain. I go in tomorrow to check on the biopsy and then to Gustavo, the cancer man.

The travel bug in me is dead; died peacefully after a long and interesting life. I don't expect to see it again in this life. I do expect that pleasant memmorys of it to be an ongoing gift. South Americans are marvlously differently from each other and great American neighbors.

I am also feeling the lose of my spellcheck, but have high hopes for seening it again in this life.

As I have said that I have not felt well and that is true. It will probably continue to be true. I'll try not to be a bore about it.

Mind and body are slowing and showing all the signs of aging. My mind seems to have begun to roll back in on itself.

It seems it is time for me to be content in my little JT house and do my best to live in comfort and digity there.

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