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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pound of Flesh

Looked big to me. Had a piece of flesh cut from my left arm which both surgens held up to say,`Look at the size of that;` more than once.

I do feel better today. Felt well enough late Sunday to take the IVs from my arm and say good-bye. It caused such a commotion that I got quite nervous.


I do not plan to stay in Cuenca; however, it looks like I`ll be here, at least, a couple of weeks to get business taken care of. It is nice to be back in Ecuador again. They are not feeling the  economic down-turn, but here and there, ther are people holding their breath.

I probably called this post Pound of Flesh because of having a sub-conscious thougth about all the money I still owe here as I got ready to write about my arm.

Don`t worry! I have not plans to ask for money!

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